ECO Compliance for Energy Companies

Scheme Manager Enterprise is an award winning solution that has been used by leading utility companies in the UK to deliver Warmfront, EEC, EEC2, CERT, CESP and ECO scheme compliance.

Designed specifically to ensure utility company compliance detailed by UK legislation by DEFRA, DECC and now BEIS, SME has helped manage over 10+ million properties since 2002.

A Complete System

SME is a complete, fully configurable workflow solution handling all aspects of ECO compliance from initial enquiry through to Ofgem submission.

Business intelligence second to none, comprising of dashboards, automated reports and alerts.

One system for the complete supply chain, maximising efficiency and productivity.

A Modular Solution

Scheme Manager Enterprise consists of the following modules:

  • Ofgem Submission

  • Deemed Scores

  • TM Audits

  • Advice & Remittance

  • Surveys

  • Helpdesk

  • Scheduler

  • Business Intelligence

  • Complaints

  • Projects

  • Measures

  • Journals

  • Online Forms

  • ECO Scoring

  • PAF Validation

  • Notice Board

  • On-site Quotations

  • Offline Forms

  • Communications

  • Job Manager

  • Warranty & Services

  • Data Warehousing

  • Webservices

  • Accreditation

Each of these modules has its own set of features which can be configured as required.

You can choose the modules that you use to fit the requirements of your business.

Our Implementation Methodology

To ensure a successful outcome we provide:


Our services are based on an in-depth knowledge both of the market and our products

Project Management

As an experienced solutions provider, we use a tried and tested approach to implementation


We provide education courses to ensure that all users are aware of the full content of the product


Our TAP accredited staff ensure that everyone undertakes in-depth training in the use of the product

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